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Venice with Fiat

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Venice with Fiat - Dimensions and weights

6080/50 Venice 50x20x37 2.5 kg 37 L 
6080/61 Venice 61x30/33x42 3.9 kg 75/90 L 
6080/71 Venice 71x33/36x49 4.5 kg 115/125 L 

Expander system

Expander system provides at least 25%
extra space when you need it.

Internal trolley system

Internally protected telescopic trolley
system, with corner wheels for stavbility.

Organiser divider

Functional pocket helps to keep you organised.

Polycarbonate shells

Tough ABS shells protect your

Ultra lightweight

Fully lined

150 denier nylon lining.
All 8 wheel Suitcases